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Created on: 03/09/2013

 Photos of interest to all V-Club members.. this is where you will find those unique and cool photos of V-Series cars and events.  If you are a member of the V-Club, be sure to resize and compress your photo BEFORE you upload the photo to the online gallery.  Your image should be no larger than 1024 pixels wide.

  • Texas V-Club Badge
  • Mike Franks (PDQ-V) at the Texas Mile event - October 2013
  • Texas@2spear.com - Club Colors with Texas Emblem
  • TEXAS@2spear.com Mike Graham
  • Yay or Nay? Definitely an attention getter!
  • CTS-V's at Spring Mountain Motosports in Pahrump, Nevada
  • 1200 Horsepower twin turbo CTS-V!
  • A concept convertible V but we like it!
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 Sewell Cadillac of Dallas

 Sewell Cadillac of Grapevine

 Sewell Cadillac of Houston

Ken Batchelor Cadillac of San Antonio

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